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Important dates

8-07-2024: Start of the conference

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On Tuesday afternoon, a total of six interesting workshops will be organized in two sessions.

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First session (2 h)

Trends in the water sector

This workshop will focus on various topics, e.g., water quality and norms, hot (research) topics, the general direction that the water sector is taking… Industrial partners will give their view on these topics and how they are approaching the future!

Circular economy

In a perfect world, we do not talk about waste(water), but we transition towards resource recovery. This workshop will learn you more about which resources we can recover and under which form, and maybe we can even get new (research) ideas from talking about this topic.

How to handle data (1h) + statistics (1h)

Everyone wants data, a lot of data, and preferably of high quality. However, once you have obtained all your raw data, the struggle of analyzing the data, making nice graphs, performing statistics… begins. In this workshop, we will learn you some tips and tricks on how to efficiently do this analysis by means of different (statistical) programs.

Second session (1 h)


In this workshop, we will show you some programs that are suited to do statistical analyses on your data. To avoid hearing a lot of info twice, this session can/will not be combined with ‘How to handle data (1h) + statistics (1h)’.


Sustainability is a term that you will find in almost every journal and rightfully so. This workshop will provide you with a lot of tips and will answer questions such as ‘How can I be sustainable in my own life?’, ‘How can I be sustainable in the lab?’ or even ‘How can our water sector become more sustainable?’

Water quality

The emphasis of this workshop lies on the legislation and norms in the water sector, how will they evolve and how can we cope with the always stricter norms.